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About PSI
Pyeong-Chang Summer Institute (PSI) is all about learning physics.
With ever-increasing diversity of the physics research, both young initiates and mature researchers alike find new physics to learn and old tricks to refresh. PSI strives to teach advanced topics, essential lores, and indispensible tools of trade, and at the same time wish to offer a venue to intermingle, share, and boast.
Steering Committee

Chun, Eung-Jin (KIAS)
Kim, Yong Baek (KIAS / U of Toronto)
Lee, Sangmin (SNU, 서울대)
Noh, Jae Dong (U of Seoul, 서울시립대)
Park, Changbom (KIAS)
Park, Hyunggyu (KIAS)
Park, Kwon (KIAS)
Park, Myeong-Gu (KNU, 경북대)
Park, Seongchan
(Yonsei University & KIAS, 연세대 & 고등과학원)
Yi, Piljin (KIAS, Chair)

Past Summer Institutes
Pyeong-Chang Summer Institute
Open KIAS Summer Institute - Issues on Galaxy Formation
Summer Institute for Theoretical Physics